Infusion d’Orange

Infusion d’Orange

Shower milk

275.00 dh

Infusion d’Orange

Shower milk

Shower milk, cleanses and refreshes the skin. Voir plus

250 mL

275.00 dh

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Infusion d’Orange

Shower milk

A true sensory experience, this milk, treated to a vitamin boost by the fruit and orange blossom, becomes a fine and creamy scented foam which leaves the skin cleansed and soft. The steam in the bathroom smells delightful. You’ll step out of the shower feeling lighter, with rejuvenated, lightly-perfumed and comfortable skin.


Picturing the shower as you-time, time to look after yourself and your well-being, with a formula and orange wood perfume that are far from classic.

Sa singularité

Its texture is relatively light, reminiscent of a plant-based milk. This surprising formula locks up a very subtle perfume where the barely bitter orange is boosted by a hint of nutmeg. The ingredients of a little personal luxury to savor each morning…

Cœur de Formule & Bénéfices
Infusion d'Orange - Soins Corps Lait Douche - marocMaroc



20 volunteers, 3 weeks of use, daily use.


of volunteers loved that this foaming product doesn’t pull the skin.


enjoyed that the product cleans gently without drying the skin. They rediscover a softened skin after shower or bath.


found their skin well protected.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Un produit indispensable

C’est devenu un produit indispensable de mon rituel Hammam ! Ça sent divinement bon


C’est devenu un indispensable.

My skin is much smoother

Such a great product ! My skin is much smoother and the perfume is amazing.

Un super réveil parfumé

Mon mari adore le matin pour la douche, un super réveil parfumé.

Nicolas F.
C’est devenu un indispensable

C’est devenu un indispensable de mon quotidien !

Did the formula change ?

I got this product online from VILAS boutique and the orange body wash didn’t smell the same. It smelt much stronger and more masculine than the previous product which was softer and smelt like fruity orange. Did the formula change? Preferred the original scent!

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